The Work4Youth Project that is running under International Labour Organisation (ILO) revealed that nearly 60 per cent young Nepali workers are dissatisfied with their current jobs.

In its report ‘Labour market transitions of young women and men in Nepal’, the ILO concluded that more than 31 per cent youth want to switch jobs to better utilise their qualifications. “Temporary nature of job is the other reason for looking for another job. More than 20 per cent are under this category.”

Likewise, nearly 20 per cent youth wanted to change jobs because they want more working hours, whereas less than 10 per cent youth wanted to switch jobs due to the low wages at the current placement.
However, the report stated that 80 per cent of young people with only primary level education are better educated than their fathers against 90 per cent compared to their mothers. “It also revealed that the level of education is increasing over the years.”

The report highlighted youth unemployment rate – at 26.1 per cent – of a university graduate that is thrice compared to youth with no education at all. that is 8.2 per cent.

Similarly, youths with post-secondary level degrees can earn 1.5 times more wages than a youth with primary education, the report stated, pointing out that urban unemployment rate of youth is more by around 28 per cent compared to rural areas where the rate is slightly more than 17 per cent only.

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