Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat said that politics of opposition has pushed the country backwards.

The country will remain backward, if the politicians continue to play an obstructionist role, he said, addressing the 15th annual general meeting of the Society of Economic Journalists (SEJON) here today.

The country will suffer in the long-run, if we fail to exploit hydropower potential, he said, adding that the country needs to harness the hydropower potential to bring revolution in the energy sector, and also prosperity.

Citing the example of Arun III hydropower project demise two decades ago, Mahat urged political leaders not to repeat a similar mistake in Upper Karnali for which the government is preparing to sign Project Development Agreement (PDA) with Indian company GMR.

Nepal also needs to sign power trade agreement (PTA) with India to ensure energy market for hydropower developers in Nepal, he added, asking political parties not to be irresponsible by obstructing the hydropower development.

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