Though altitude sickness is a completely preventable and curable problem, people die of it due to inadequate knowledge, according to a medic.
During a lecture series on high altitude sickness for the benefit of trekkers and trekking guides – organised by CIWEC Clinic and Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) at Nepal Tourism Board, here today, medical director of CIWEC Clinic Dr Prativa Pandey, providing information on different types of altitude sickness, its causes and symptoms, how to prevent them and its remedies. She also suggested trekkers to take care of two major things like preparing a sensible itinerary and carrying effective medicines with them while trekking to high altitude regions.
The session – aimed at facilitating tourists with ample of health related knowledge while trekking in Nepal – will also be conducted by chief executive of Himalayan Rescue Association Prakash Adhikari on March 6-7.

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