The government has warned stern action against houseowners, who hike rent taking undue advantage in the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude devastating earthquake of April 25.
Issuing a statement – after complaints that some landlords were increasing house rent after the earthquake – the Home Ministry said that it is fair on social, ethical and legal grounds to charge high rent from those affected instead of helping them.
The ministry also requested people to inform the authorities, if the house owners charge high rent. “Complaints could be recorded by calling Nepal Police at 100 and 1234 or the Armed Police Force at 1114,” it said.
According to National Population Survey 2011 – of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) – half of the total 50 million population in the Valley live in rent as it is economic, educational and political centre of the country.
The devastating earthquake of April 25 has damaged some 200,000 houses completely and other 300,000 houses have been partially damaged, rendering many people homeless. In Kathmandu valley alone, around 45,000 houses were completely destroyed making valley look like a refugee camp for almost a week as people camped outside in the open spaces due to damages in their house. Likewise, most of the people in the villages of the 14 most affected districts have been living out in the field.
Rentners whose houses have been unfit to live in due to cracks or other structural damage have been searching for the not damaged and livable houses. Some of the houseowners – taking the advantage of the crisis situation – have tried hike rent. The ministry has asked the public to inform the authorities, if they are forced to pay more.

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