The government is going to present the budget for the next fiscal year 2015-16 on Tuesday.
Finance secretary Suman Sharma confirmed that finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat is presenting the budget for the next fiscal year in the Legislature-Parliament on July 14.
Nepali Congress joint general secretary and lawmaker Purna Bahadur Khadka also confirmed that the budget will be presented on Tuesday.
National Planning Commission (NPC) has revised the budget ceiling upward to Rs 841 billion – including Rs 106 billion for reconstruction after April 25 devastating earthquake that floored over 8,00,000 private and public buildings taking over 9,000 lives – from earlier Rs 735 billion.
The over Rs 841 billion-budget will focus on reconstruction of private and public building – including the world heritage sites and infrastructures – and recovering the tourism, apart from agriculture as usual.
Likewise, the budget for the next fiscal year is to also going to add Rs 1,000 allowance provided to the civil servant in the salary, whereas the salary itself could be increased upto 10 per cent.
Earlier, the government was planning to present the fiscal policy on July 15, but it has preponed for a day due to the lawmakers’ schedule to go to their respective constituencies with the draft of Constitution to collect the suggestions.
The Finance Ministry has preponed the budget date for a day as the speaker of the House Subash Chandra Nembang requested the government to present budget as soon as possible to let the lawmakers have time to go to their constituencies soon. “The lawmakers will be going to their respective constituencies to collecting suggestions on the draft Constitution on July 17, after endorsing the budget presentation,” Nembang said, adding that the discussion on the budget will start after the lawmakers return from their constituencies, after July 23.
The Constitution Assembly (CA) has directed the committee on Citizen Relation and Public Opinion Collection to submit the compiled report of suggestions on July 23.

PM to answer tomorrow
KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala will respond the House tomorrow, according to the Parliament Secretariat. The premier will answer queries – being raised by the lawmakers during the discussions – over the Programme and Policy next fiscal year 2015-16, presented by the President on July 8. The premier was supposed to respond today, but it was postponed for a day as discussions could not end today. After the Prime Minister’s answer on the Programme and Policy, the House will endorse it, informed Parliament Secretariat assistant spokesperson Sudarshan Kuinkel. The lawmakers have – during the discussions yesterday and today – registered over a dozen amendment proposals to the government Programme and Policy.

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