The government is positive on promoting the domestic products, according to a minister.
“The government employees should be the first target consumer of the domestic products,” said finance, trade, commerce and supplies minister Shankar Prasad Koirala, inaugurating leather goods and footwear exhibition, here in the Valley.
The exhibition that started today with a slogan, ‘Our arts, Our Crafts, Nepali brand is the best,’ will run for a week till January 20.
The increase in domestic production will automatically ensure promotion and expansion of market, he said, adding that the government is planning to open a sales counter of small and medium industries’ product at Maitidevi, an international exhibition centre at Chobhar and a SAARC handicrafts and design centre at Tripureshwor in Kathmandu. “The indigenous craft has to be transferred to the youth for the technology transfer and protection.” Committing to monitor the market and penalise the traders that sell imported leather footwear in the name of local brand, Koirala said that the regulatory authorities will be empowered.
Nepal imported Rs 2.52 billion worth leather goods in the last fiscal year and is suffering trade deficit of Rs 790 million, informed acting commerce and supplies secretary Toya Narayan Gyawali, on the occasion. “Leather footwear is one of the exports as Nepal exported Rs 1.73 billion.”
Likewise, the private sector, on the occasion, suggested the government to implement the policy of using domestic product. Though the government had brought a policy of using domestic products, it has not been able to implement hurting the domestic industries.
The traders, who are selling imported shoes in the name of domestic products are criminals as they have cheated the government revenue, people their employment and helping de-industrialise the country, they said, asking the government to act tough on them.

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