After a meeting with stakeholders at the Tourism Ministry today, the government has agreed to provide $15,789 as insurance to the victims of worst ever avalanche at the Mt Everest.

Earlier, the government had said it will provide $1,052 per person but the Sherpa clan asked the government to increase.

The medical insurance for the injured Sherpa guides was also increased from $3,157 to $4,157, said a joint secretary at the ministry Madhusudan Burlakoti.

The avalanche that hit at an elevation of 5,900 metres Friday morning killed at least 13 Sherpas, whereas three others are still missing.

The expedition for the season has also been uncertain due to the worst ever accident at the Mt Everest.

There are more than 300 climbers currently at Mt Everest’s base camp, who have obtained permission from the government to scale the 29,028-foot-high peak this season. But they expedition needs Sherpas to guide them to the highest peak of the world.

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