Though the government has claimed that it has been able to monitor market and inflation has been under control, the market price has been looking up also due to the artificial shortage created by some rogue traders.
“The consumers must be aware that there is no shortage of essential commodities – like salt – and no reason for the price hike either,” informed secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Krishna Hari Baskota, here today.
The central bank has reported eight per cent inflation but some black-marketeers have been trying to take advantage of the political instability by hiking price as the government is busy with CA election, he said. “The Salt Trading Corporation has 82,000 tonnes of salt in stock but some traders – using some of the media – have spread the rumour of shortage of salt to take advantage of instability.”
Likewise, director general of the Department of Commerce and Supply Management Narayan Parsad Bidari also asked the consumers to be alert. “Though the department is monitoring the market, the awareness among the consumers can help control the market price,” he added.
The traders have been increasing the price of essential commodities to recover the amount they have donated to the political parties for the election, said consumer rights activist Jyoti Baniya, on the occasion. “The government monitor the market regularly,” he said, adding that the traders are taking advantage of political instability and lack of market monitoring.
However, planning officer at the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Development Board Ramesh Dangol attributed the recent rise in vegetables price to the drop in supply. “There is a demand of 600 tonnes of vegetables but supply has dropped to less than 400 tonnes,” he informed.

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