Though the government has decided to use at least 50 per cent domestic products in the government offices, it has not been implemented.
“The government had published a list of some 13 domestic products in Nepal Gazette some six months ago for the use of government agencies,” informed secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Krishnahari Baskota, here today, while visiting the 10th Leather Goods and Footwear expo.
The government offices must buy domestic stationary products, clothes for dress, cap, shoes, belt, furniture and decorative pieces, bags, batches, biscuit, milk, printing, cement, iron rod, electronic products, transformers, souvenirs, foodstuff, drinks and agricultural instruments, according to Nepal Gazette.
The Police, Army, teachers, and the government employees should wear domestic shoes, he said, adding that the domestic shoes are of quality.
Though the domestic shoes manufacturers have been able to supply half of the market demand, some of the traders have been importing ready made shoes and branding that as ‘Made in Nepal’ harming not only the shoes manufacturers but also taking away employment and cheating tax to the government coffer.
There are around 700 leather goods and footwear manufacturers in the country that have been not only creating 30,000 direct employment but 250,000 indirect employment apart from contributing to the national coffer. “The promotion of ‘Made in Nepal,’ brand of footwear will help real manufacturers,” according to the manufacturers association.
The six-day 10th edition of Leather Goods and Footwear expo will conclude tomorrow.

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