A team of French investors is visiting Nepal in a couple of months to find a common area of interest to invest.
“A French investors’ team is visiting Nepal in a couple of months,” French ambassador to Nepal Martin Brasero informed the finance minister Shankar Prasad Koirala seeking the ministry’s help in facilitating them.
French government is going to conduct a study for a cable car project in Kathmandu soon, the envoy said, adding that the France is planning to increase its assistance in urban development, street light, solar energy and transportation.
The minister, on the occasion, asked the envoy to increase investment in health, education, tourism and physical infrastructure in Nepal. “The private sectors of both the countries should be involved for the maximum benefit.”
Hailing French contribution to Nepal’s development and especially on earthquake technology since last three decades, Koirala urged France to help Nepal establish a Mountaineering school at the Everest base camp.
“The elected government will encourage foreign assistance,” he said, adding that both the countries should work on strengthening the bilateral economic relations.

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