Most of the parking lots in the Kathmandu Metropolis that have been charging can now no more charge as the Appellate Court has ordered not to charge anymore.
Earlier, the Kathmandu Metropolis had tried to make the public parking free but it was challenged at the Court. But after yesterday’s verdict of the Appellate Court, most of the vehicles owners – both two-wheelers and four-wheelers – must be relieved and the metropolis could also mobilise more revenue.
Most of the parking caretakers have been paying peanuts to the Kathmandu metropolis but making money at the cost of the people.
After the Court’s verdict, the metropolis will now fix the areas for free parking and put the sign. However, the vehicle owner must be conscious not to park outside the parking area. If anyone parks the vehicle outside the parking zone, they will be fined Rs 1,000.
But the case is still under the jurisdiction of the Court and the final verdict is expected to make revenue mobilisation from parking more transparent and accountable.

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