The government is going to start second phase of economic reforms soon, according to finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat.

The economic reforms introduced in early 1990s as part of liberal economy needs revision to push the country towards economic prosperity, he said today at an interaction. “The economy can not move forward without revising the two decade old policies.”

The Nepali Congress veteran also reminded that his party had led economic reforms in the country by bringing about a drastic reforms in education, health and communications and overall economy.

He also said that over a dozen key Acts pending in the parliament would be endorsed soon.  “The pending Actis like Industrial Enterprise Act, Electricity Act, Special Economic Zone Act are important to expedite industry and hydropower sectors,” he said, adding that they will also help bring in the foreign investment.

Urging the political parties to control their youth wings from protesting against hydropower projects and disrupting economic activities against their parties’ election manifestos. “Hydropower projects should be listed as essential services and banned protest in them.”

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