Finance Minister Shanker Prasad Koirala – today during a meeting with International Finance Corporation (IFC) Resident Representative in Nepal Valentino S Bagatsing – asked IFC to increase investment in the public-private-partnership (PPP) in Nepal.
Koirala urged the IFC – the private sector lending arm of the World Bank – to support in the proposed Cottage Industry Village and sales stores in Kathmandu that is expected to promote and boost the domestic handicrafts.
He also asked for additional supports from IFC on hydro, agriculture and infrastructural developments. Koirala lauding IFC’s role in contributions to poverty alleviation in the country, asked to continue the support.
On the occasion, Bagatsing said that the IFC has always been concerned on infrastructural development of the country.
He called on the government to create investment friendly environment to attract investment from the private sector. He also emphasised on the issuance of local currency bond to ensure a better environment for investment and resource pulling.

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