The European Economic Chamber, Nepal will help the country remove from the European Union’s (EU) blacklist of unsafe aircraft.
On December 5, The EU banned Nepali aircraft to fly to 28 European member states.
But the chamber said today that it would help the government and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to resolve problem.
Chamber chairman Binayak Shah, in a press meet today, said the Chamber would urge the European countries to remove Nepal from the black list. “We also ask the EU to help Nepal improve technical and physical weaknesses to improve air safety,” he said, adding that private sector has invested a lot in the airlines industry. “The EU decision will have negative impact in tourism industry.”
The private sector is disappointed from the EU decision, though it had agreed to give Nepal a chance for improving air safety within six months.
Though not a single Nepali aircraft flies to Europe, Turkey Airlines – that has just started its flight – has started its direct flight connecting Kathmandu and Turkey.

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