President of Chaudhary Group Binod Chaudhary invited Japanese entrepreneurs to invest in Nepal.

During a meeting with Japanese ambassador to Nepal Masashi Ogawa, Chaudhary requested the envoy to encourage his countrymen to invest in Nepal. “Nepal is among the most exotic destinations for investment as the country’s returns is better than from other countries,” he said, adding that the international investors, though, are still not confident of investment environment in Nepal, the country offers more benefits than their expectations. “This is a great opportunity for Japanese investors to take advantage from Nepal.”

The Chaudhary Group president also asserted that the investors can profit more from Nepal than that from developed countries like Japan and Singapore. “The private sector is ready for collaborations with Japanese investors,” he added. “The technical coordination between the two countries will also help boost Nepal’s economy.”

Informed the envoy of CG Nepal Social Business – an initiative of Chaudhary Group – he said that the group is always committed to work for long-term benefit of the society that has given the group so much respect and admiration in and out of the country. “CG Nepal Social Business is committed for positive transformation of our society.”

Assuring that he would encourage Japanese investors to invest in Nepal, the envoy, on the occasion, hailed Chaudhary Group’s contribution to the Nepali economy.

Likewise, managing director of the group Nirvana Chaudhary informed the envoy of business expansion of Chaudhary Group and its impacts in Nepal’s economy, whereas vice president GP Sah and general manger Ashish Sharma, briefed the expansion of their verticals, Foods and Finco respectively.

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