The central bank has directed banks and financial institutions to appoint information officer.
After National Information Commission apprised the central bank of the legal requirement to appoint information officers in banks and financial institutions according to the Right to Information Act 2007-Section 6 – that states that public body will arrange for an information officer for the purpose of disseminating information held in its office – the Nepal Rastra Bank has directed them
According to the Act, banks and financial institutions must have an information officer in their offices, and also required to open an information section for the public to be more transparent.
The banks and financial institutions should immediately appoint information officer and send the appointed officer’s name, position, contact number and email address to the National Information Commission’s office at the earliest.
The Act ensures the people’s right to information. The public institutions should classify and update information and make them public, publish and broadcast and to make the citizens´ access to information simple and easy.

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