Domestic airfares have come down following the reduction in the price of aviation fuel (ATF) by Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).
According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), on the basis of routes, the airfare has been reduced from a minimum of Rs 60 to a maximum of Rs 750. “The revised airfares are effective from today.”
The state oil monopoly has reduced the price of domestic aviation fuel by Rs 14 per liter yesterday. The price of aviation fuel, which was Rs 150 per liter, has come down to Rs 136 per liter, as it has been reduced by 9.3 pe rcent, pulling the airfare also down.
The new airfare for the longest route (100.9 minutes) from Biratnagar to Nepalgunj has been reduced by Rs 750 to Rs 7,305 per ticket, whereas the farthest route (89.09 minutes) from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi has been decreased by Rs 615 to Rs 6,010, confirmed the aviation sector regulator.
For the mountain flights from Kathmandu, the fare has now been decreased by Rs 485, Kathmandu-Bhadrapur by Rs 420, Kathmandu-Biratnagar by Rs 335, Kathmandu-Janakpur by 180, Kathmandu-Bharatpur by Rs 150, Kathmandu-Pokhara by Rs 225, Kathmandu-Bhairawa by Rs 285, Kathmandu-Nepalgunj by Rs 455, Kathmandu-Tumlingtar by Rs 2,609 and Kathmandu-Simara by Rs 125 per ticket, respectively.
Likewise, the CAAN has informed that the price of fuel has been fixed at the rate of Rs 51.68 per seat per minute towards the STOL routes and Rs 72.34 per seat per minute for the trunk routes.

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