Arniko Highway – after more than three weeks – reopened from today.

The only highway that links with the northern neighbour remained disconnected due to the massive landslide at Jure of Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchowk.

Around 2.5-km road was swept away by landslide on August 16.

Sindhupalchowk Chambers of Commerce, Nepal Himalaya Simapar Banijya Sangh and Nepal Truck Container Entrepreneurs’ Association jointly contributed to the opening of the trail that is key to bilateral trade between Nepal and China.

However, the track will be ready for light vehicles from tomorrow. They spent some Rs 7 million to open the track.

Meanwhile, Nepali Army has also started to construct Lamosanghu-Sunkoshi-Dam-Dhuskun-Sunkoshi track. They have been able to open only 1.5-km of the track.

“The construction work has been expedited in such a way that the track will be ready for use by the next two weeks,” Sindhupalchowk chief district officer Gopal Prasad Parajuli said.

As many as 14 village development committees of the district are out of reach due to obstruction in transportation due to flood and landslide.

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