Public Procurement Monitoring Office has launched a portal to make government bidding transparency.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala today – on the occasion of Public Procurement Monitoring Office’s eighth anniversary – inaugurated the portal that will have all bidding-related information for prospective bidders.
Addressing the ceremony at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence in Baluwatar, the premier hailed the move as it could curb corruption. “The government officials should work to end corruption,” he said, adding that it is part of the government’s plan to introduce e-governance in public entities.

Likewise, acting chief of the office Tanka Mani Sharma, on the occasion, submitted the annual report to the prime minister.

Government offices and departments have been posting bidding-related information on their own websites so far but the site will have all bidding-related information of the government offices including evaluation, electronic payment, contract management and public procurement information management.

The website is also expected to put end to irregularities in government biddings as unscrupulous bidders have been taking advantage of the loopholes in the bidding process.

The new project is aimed at maintaining transparency, fairness, equality of access, and open competition. The site will provide easy to use internet access for tender information, information on award of contracts and an alternate facility to submit bids to all interested bidders as specified in the Instructions to Bidders.
The portal also allows a bidder to purchase the bid document directly from the employer’s office or download the bid document from the website and deposit the equivalent amount in the revenue account of the employer as specified in the notice or bid document.

Ministry of Irrigation and Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads will start posting their bidding-related information at the website ( very soon, as a pilot project.

Government offices should provide their bidding related information through the single portal,” spokesperson for the office Naresh Chapagain said, hoping that it can be done by the October-end. “The office will provide password and username to all the government offices so that they can post their bidding related information on the website on their own.”

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