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More than a quarter of Nepali youth unemployed: ILO

The average youth unemployment rate – relaxed definition – stood highest in in Nepal at 28.9 per cent, according to an international report. The average youth unemployment rate – relaxed definition – was 14.2 per cent, the new report by

Finance Minister asks donors to fund infrastructure projects

Donor agencies should concentrate on infrastructure projects, instead of scattering funds for various social and political causes, in Nepal, according to the finance minister. They can help Nepalis upgrade their lifestyle by investing on infrastructures like roads and irrigation canals

Government asked to raise capital spending

Central bank governor Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada stressed on the need to increase capital expenditure spending. Since last couple of years, the government’s spending capacity has eroded making the government treasure budget surplus. For the current fiscal year, the government had

Over 492,000 youth left Nepal for foreign employment

Some 1,349 Nepali youth are leaving the country for foreign employment every day in an average making it some 41,044 every month as the government failed to generate employment back home. Some 492, 532 youth left the country for foreign

Government penalises 44 manpower companies

Department of Foreign Employment has penelised some four dozen outsourcers in a major crackdown against foul players in the overseas recruitment business. The depart took action against 44 manpower companies and reprimanded 37 others for flouting the law while sending

Nepal adds 550,000 unemployed youth every year: UNCTAD

Demographic trends show that Nepal needs to create 550,000 decent jobs every year, according to a report. The number of young people of working age in Nepal is currently increasing by 550,000 a year, and by 2020 it will climb

Unemployment rate in Nepal to increase: ILO

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has projected unemployment rate to increase in Nepal. The unemployment rate that stood at 2.69 per cent in 2013 is projected to increase to 2.71 per cent in the year 2014 and 2.72 per cent

South Asia sees additional jobseekers

South Asian labour markets continued to suffer from high rates of informal/agricultural employment where jobs are poorly paid and unprotected, according to a report. Global Employment Trends 2014 revealed that between 2012 and 2013 global unemployment increased by almost five

Malaysia to crack down on illegal migrant workers from next week

Malaysian is planning to crack down on the illegal migrant workers from next week. All the security agencies will be mobilised to use force to arrest and repatriate illegal workers from January 21, according to a press release issued by

Government asks foreign workers to get work permit or face music

The government today asked the foreigners working in the country to get work permit or face the music. According to the ‘Directives on Work Permit Management for Foreign Workers,’ prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and approved on

Productivity of Nepali employees erodes to negative in last one decade

Productivity of Nepali employees has eroded and dropped to negative in last one decade from 2002 to 2011, according to a draft National Employment Policy 2013. Though, the number of employment has increased in last one decade, the productivity of

Long-term unemployment, the new challenge for many countries

Unemployment spells for workers are becoming longer in some countries compared to the pre-crisis situation in 2008, according to the new edition of the ILO Key Indicators of the Labour Market. “Headlines on a recent decline in unemployment rates hide