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New law aims to curb low bidding

The government brought Public Procurement Act Amendment through Ordinance. The Public Procurement Act Amendment Ordinance 2015 – one of the three dozen Acts aimed at accelerating the development process – is expected to curb low bidding and timely and cost

NEA buys 35.7 per cent more power from India to reduce load-shedding hours

Despite increase import of electricity from India every year and , the scheduled load shedding hours have not gone down, especially in the dry season, according to a Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) report. In the previous fiscal year 2013-14, the

Panel submits reform in Public Procurement Act

A parliamentary sub-committee today submitted an initial report on reform plan in the Public Procure Act. The Finance Committee – under the parliament – was asked to study flaws in Public Procurement Act and submit a report. The sub-committee has

Government committed to complete Upper Tamakoshi on time

The government is committed to bring the Upper Tamakoshi hydropower into operation after mid-July 2016 as scheduled. Asking the developers today to expedite the 456- megawatt Upper Tamakoshi powerhouse construction and land acquisition to build transmission lines as soon as

Wind, solar and hydro powershould be a good energy mix to tackle current energy crisis

The experts today claimed that up to 10 per cent of the energy mix in Nepal could be covered by wind energy, whereas others claimed 80 per cent could be covered by hydro and 20 per cent by solar. During

Upper Hugdi hydro to start generate power from next year

Upper Hugdi hydropower will start generating power from next year, according to the promoters. Promoted By Ru Ru Hydropower Project, the five megawatt (MW) project is estimated to cost Rs 750 million. “However, the cost will escalate to Rs 815

IFC becomes 15 per cent equity partner in Upper Trishuli-1 hydroproject

International Finance Corporation (IFC), for the first time, is participating as an equity partner in a hydroelectric project in Nepal and has become 15 per cent equity partner in Upper Trishuli-1 hydroelectric project. The private sector lending arm of the