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Revenue collection falls due to earthquake

As expected, the government missed its revenue mobilisation target by Rs 16.38 billion in the 10th month of the current fiscal year due to earthquake. The government had planned to mobilise Rs 329.31 billion by mid-May but it has been

No customs, tax on relief materials import: Goverenment

The government has clarified that the relief materials will not attract any customs and tax. After a hue and cry from the development partners and locals that the customs are holding the relief materials due to confusion on customs and

Imported goods unlikely to arrive in time for Dashain

Due to worsening road condition – due to a landslide that cut off the Araniko Highway to Kathmandu before Dashain – traders will have hard time transporting imports from China stuck at Khasa and Tatopani. On Sunday, the road to

Tatopani-based traders start construction of alternative route

As the highway to trade with northern neighbour has been blocked since two weeks by a landslide, the traders have started construction of a two-km track – as an alternative – linking Kalleri to the Araniko Highway to reopen the

Government misses revenue target

The government missed the revenue target by Rs 6.81 billion in the eighth month of the current fiscal year. The government had targeted to raise Rs 219.4 billion by the eighth month of the fiscal year, according to the Finance

FM asks customs offices to boost competitiveness

Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat asked customs officials to strengthen competitiveness of customs points to also boost the revenue mobilisation. Addressing the Customs Management and Valuation Seminar organised here today by Department of Customs, the finance minister said the

‘Improve attitude, embrace technology to give positive message of customs’

Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala today asked the customs officials to improve their attitude as the customs department has become a synonym for corruption. Addressing the 62nd International Customs Day, here in the valley, he said that the department must

India allows Nepal to use two more customs points for bulk cargo imports

India has allowed Nepal use two more customs points for third country cargo import and relaxed ban on Nepali language newspapers export to India too. At the concluding of the two-day Nepal-India Inter-governmental Committee (IGC) meeting here today, the secretaries

Finance Minister honours Nepal Telecom, Siddhartha Rana

Finance minister Shankar Prasad Koirala today honoured various individuals and institutions including the largest taxpayers Nepal Telecom and Siddhartha Rana – in different tax categories like income tax, VAT and excise duty – for their contribution to the government coffer